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Refurbishment Audit Process

Independent control of refurbishment process, ensuring that the most efficient repair methods are deployed in creating desirable used stock

Refurbishment Audit Process

Why Refurbishment Management & Audit?

  • We independently ensure an efficient repair process
  • Objective view; no involvement in the actual refurbishment business
  • Helps deliver significant cost savings & quality improvement to owner/lessor

Your benefits:

  • Elimination and/or reduction of unnecessary repairs
  • Reduced time from de-fleet to available for sale
  • Capture and redirection of repair costs which are not the clients responsibility – including site damage, poor previous repairs, transport damage and much more
  • Improved quality of the overall vehicle condition

Our solutions:

  • Carry out audit of existing inspections/repair recommendations
  • Promote smart repairs wherever possible – reduces cost & time
  • Greater control of total vehicle life repair costs
  • Proprietary reporting suites available


  • DEKRA carry out more than 26 million vehicle inspections per year
  • Always strictly independent – never involved with refurbishment
  • Example of actual client consistently saving £98 per repair over 5 years
  • Same client was able to invoice hirer an additional £5 per repair over 5 years
  • Experienced in cars, LCVs, HGVs & farm equipment

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