Sales and Aftersales Campaign Management

Sales campaigns that add value throughout your network

When professionally designed and effectively executed, campaigns aimed at improving both sales and aftersales can deliver a decisive advantage in a competitive market.

For dealerships and distributor networks to thrive, every stage of the customer experience must be refined, from the first visit to post-warranty service. Our sales campaigns attract new business and increase dealership traffic, while our aftersales campaigns focus on retaining customers even after their initial warranty has expired.
The key in designing effective sales campaigns is to leverage your strengths and recognize opportunity, which may require outside expertise to create a sustainable ongoing process.

Your Benefits:

  • Increased dealership traffic
  • Sales growth through active steering and channeling of products
  • Improved, sustainable conversion rates
  • Efficient processes for targeting and retaining potential customers

Our Approach

We work closely with our clients to design successful sales and aftersales campaigns that yield an appreciable ROI. Our services include:
  • Analysis of potential customers and products
  • Identification of potential clients both within and beyond the current database
  • Design and implementation of the campaign, including call scripts, call center, etc.
  • Lead generation
  • Assessment of ROI based on pre-determined KPIs
We draw on our industry expertise and experience to design sales campaigns that tap into market trends and shifting consumer behavior without losing sight of the circumstances specific to each of our clients. The result is growth in sales figures, billable workshop hours and spare parts income for an exceptional Return on Investment (ROI).


  • We are dedicated to helping you create a customer experience that exceeds expectations from the first dealership visit to post-warranty maintenance.
  • We have the skills and experience required to design successful sales campaigns tailored to individual brands, networks or dealerships.
  • We specialize in targeted sales and aftersales campaigns that establish sustainable revenue streams and improve efficiency.