Supply Chain Assessment

Contractor Alignment – Seamless Cooperation When Company Cultures Align

With increasingly complex supply chains and companies operating in a network of interdependence, maintaining hard won gains in developing a healthy safety culture can be a challenge. While responsible organisations strive to imbed strong values for safety at their workplaces, they often rely on external teams and individuals who work alongside and share physical space with their own employees. Contractors thus represent an extended family of your values, behaviours and practices. As experts in supply chain assessments, we have developed methods to evaluate cultural alignment between your organisation and prospective contractors.

These services are adapted to the organisations in question and are aimed at giving you a window into the safety culture of the companies with whom you partner. In the tender process, especially, the data we gather can empower you to make informed decisions on questions that impact not only your safety culture, but also productivity and efficiency.

A Unique Perspective on Safety Culture and Supply Chain Assessments

We start by getting to know your organisation through interviews with senior leadership and management. We want to know the values that motivate you and the behaviours you expect. The insight we gain into your company’s culture forms the basis of the survey we create for prospective contractors to complete.
Understanding that survey results can only paint a partial picture, we conduct thematic follow-up analyses and consultation with key members of the contracting companies. By the use of thematic analysis, we can determine the common themes and values of the organisation which allow us to compare these with your organisation’s values, thus determining the extent of cultural alignment. The combination of a customised survey and face-to-face conversations provides us with enough data to evaluate company culture in terms of alignment with your organisation’s vision.
Once our assessment is complete, we present our results, indicating the contractor most aligned with your organization’s stated values. In our report we include areas where alignment could be enhanced so that you understand the organization’s weaknesses as well as their strengths before finalizing a decision.
Our services relating to cultural alignment represent an exceptional perspective on safety. Experience has taught us that a strong safety culture correlates with productivity and efficiency, motivated employees and a healthy workplace. This is a service that is not only intrinsically responsive to your particular needs, but one that reflects the requirements of today’s industrial realities, where contractors are the rule rather than the exception. Using our depth of experience and knowledge, we can determine the aspects of a contracting company’s culture which align with your own and provide support to enhance this alignment if necessary.