Supply & Value Chain

Sustainability plays an important role from purchasing, through internal processes, to our customer relationships. In our purchasing practice, we consider social, ecological and business ethical criteria when selecting suppliers and the products and services we require. When developing new services or improving existing ones through our Service Divisions, we also ensure that we make a positive contribution to sustainable development and create added value for our customers.
    Our purchasing guidelines define the consideration of sustainability in our purchasing management. We require our suppliers to comply with sustainability standards. This is laid down in the General Purchasing Conditions and, in particular, in the Sustainability Supplier Code of Conduct and is checked by means of risk and demand-oriented audits. The General Terms and Conditions of Purchase set clear requirements with regard to ecological (climate protection, pollution, environmental management system) as well as social and business ethical responsibility (human rights, non-discrimination, ILO standards, health and safety, compliance). With our Sustainability Code of Conduct we expect our suppliers to follow our principles in the following four areas: Sustainability management & ethical business practices, environment & climate protection, social standards & Support human rights and sustainability in supply chain management.