UKCA Certification

UKCA - Marking  

The route to market for high risk products in the UK has changed. As of January 1, 2021, a new conformity assessment marking scheme - called UK Conformity Assessed (UKCA) marking - was launched in Great Britain (England, Wales and Scotland) in place of the CE mark.

DEKRA UK is committed to supporting clients with UKCA in the following areas:
  • Machinery
  • Equipment for use outdoors
  • Personal Protective Equipment
CE-marking continues to be recognised in Northern Ireland.
As only designated UK Approved Bodies (UKABs) can issue UKCA Certificates and only EU Notified Bodies can issue CE Certificates, part of the Northern Ireland Protocol allows UKABs to issue a form of CE only for use in Northern Ireland. This CE mark must be accompanied by the UKNI mark.
UKCA-marking will be required on all products entering the GB market from 1st January 2022, except for medical devices and in vitro diagnostic medical devices. For these products the transition period is longer and UKCA-marking is mandatory from 1st July 2023. At this point the current CE-marking will no longer be recognised.
Manufacturers may already use UKCA-marking as a route to market in Great Britain.
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