Cultural maturity
Is Your Safety Culture as Strong as You Think?

Assess your organisation's cultural maturity in just 3 minutes for safer future planning.

Culture of Care Maturity Ladder®

Pinpoint Your Position on the Safety Maturity Ladder and Receive a Customised Report

What's Next? Our assessment doesn't just identify where you are; it shows you where to go. Receive tailored advice on how to progress and strengthen your safety culture effectively.
The Hidden Dangers of Complacency
Believing you're safe without evidence is a gamble with high stakes. Misjudging your safety position can lead to severe repercussions, undermining the very foundation of your organisation's wellbeing. DEKRA's Behavioural Safety Assessment brings clarity and direction, illuminating the path to true safety and compliance.
After the Assessment You will Receive a Personalised Safety Report
  • Tailored Insights: Understand the specific implications of your assessment results. Learn what they mean for your organisation's safety culture and practices.
  • Actionable Next Steps: Get a suggestion on what to do next. Our report will guide you through practical and effective strategies to address identified safety concerns.
  • Expert Recommendations: Benefit from DEKRA's extensive experience in safety coaching. Our experts provide targeted recommendations to enhance your safety initiatives.
At DEKRA, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive approach to safety. With years of experience in behavioural safety training and coaching, our seasoned experts are adept at catalysing lasting behavioural changes across all organisational levels. From in-depth assessments to tailored coaching, our methods ensure your safety culture is not just maintained, but continuously enhanced.
*All assessment results are indicative and examples of organisational culture based on our in-depth work with many companies globally regarding culture and safety.