DEKRA wins significant contract with multinational construction company

DEKRA Partners with Saudi Binladin Group to Enhance Safety Performance

09 Dec 2020
DEKRA Organisational and Process Safety is partnering with Saudi Binladin Group to fast-track progress towards becoming a world leader in safety performance. The leading consultancy in culture and behavioural change has been awarded a 12-month contract, providing cultural diagnostics, leadership training and other associated behavioural safety activities to Saudi Binladin Group’s Haram (or Great Mosque of Mecca) Project extension. The Grand Mosque is the largest and oldest mosque in the world and surrounds one of the world's holiest places, the Kaaba. The Haram Expansion Project is the largest expansion of the Grand Mosque in its four-thousand-year history. Saudi Binladin Group is a multinational construction conglomerate and is headquartered in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
"Our safety performance in recent years has been reasonable." said Mr. Abdullah Maimanee, Support Service Director, Saudi Binladin Group. “However, there is a strong desire within the senior leadership team to reach the next level in safety culture maturity.”
Mr. Ramez Adnan Zeiada, HSE-Audit& Development Manager, Saudi Binladin Group said: “This partnership is extremely important. We have chosen to partner with DEKRA to help us with our transformation; we trust that they can provide our company with solutions to help us achieve a world-class standard.”
The safety transformation project will facilitate this change by strengthening operational risk management practices, leadership capabilities, and effectiveness of systems and processes to manage safety performance. DEKRA will utilise their suite of unique services to assist Saudi Binladin Group including the Organisational Culture Diagnostic Instrument (OCDI). This scientifically validated tool measures nine culture characteristics predictive of safety performance. Over 2,200 sites have administered DEKRA’s OCDI with the diagnostic results being measured against a norms database to establish a percentile comparison. In addition to benchmarking the current culture at Saudi Binladin Group, organisations typically re-administer the OCDI at intervals of 18-24 months to track progress over time. On average, clients see more than a 20-point percentage gain across the nine factors targeted in the assessment - and this directly correlates with a decrease in incident rates.
Dr. Stephen Rowe, Managing Director of DEKRA Organisational and Process Safety said, “DEKRA is completely committed to facilitating the Saudi Binladin Group objective of achieving world-class safety standards. We will deploy our best capabilities and know-how in the sector and region to ensure the success of this project. We look forward to working with Saudi Binladin Group to identify and mitigate the specific challenges, which will ultimately allow them to achieve sustainable improvements.”
Mr. Sebastian Blair, Program Director and Vice President Consulting Services at DEKRA who is leading the engagement, said, “The positive shift that companies have made from a compliance-driven approach to a culture of care approach has delivered much value to improve their overall safety performance, and leaders play a key role in driving sustainable change through greater engagement of all levels in the organisation.”
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