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DEKRA UK offsets 26 tonnes of CO2 per year with solar installation

24 Aug 2022

From September, DEKRA UK will generate green electricity via a large-scale solar panel installation to its Organisational and Process Safety site in Southampton

The project, in partnership with industrial solar specialists Absolar includes laboratory and office locations and is projected to decrease their carbon footprint by 26 tonnes of CO2 or 1,215 trees per year.
A full solar potential survey using combined technologies - LIDAR (light detection and ranging), photogrammetry, satellite imagery, and AI-powered irradiance modelling have established the optimal panel type and configuration for maximum energy returns. The 296-panel installation will generate 114 MWh/y with a peak potential of 133 kWp.
DEKRA UK Managing Director Stephen Rowe is delighted to be progressing this project on the prestigious University of Southampton Science Park​.
“How can a business like ours that promotes a strong focus on sustainability look itself in the mirror when it isn’t doing all it can to minimise it’s carbon footprint? As well as being morally and ethically the right thing to do, it is also financially beneficial to the business in the long term. The investment sends a message to our customers that we practice what we preach in striving to meet our corporate mission of being the global partner for a safe, secure and sustainable world.”
The solar installation is planned to go live in September 2022 after a 6-week installation and commissioning phase.
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