Safety Data Sheets and Labelling for Hazardous Substances

Holistic support in the preparation, review and updating of Material Safety Data Sheets (SDS) according to REACH

As a supplier of a dangerous substance or a dangerous mixture, you must provide the recipient with a Material Safety Data Sheet (SDS). It serves as a primary means of communication along the production and supply chain and contains all important information on hazardous substances.

Form and content of the safety data sheet are specified by the EU REACH regulation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation of Chemicals).
The SDS must be written in the official language of the EU country where the product is placed on the market, and it must be updated regularly. In addition to detailed information on substance properties, the safe handling of the hazardous substance is also addressed in the MSDS.
Our industry-experienced consultants provide you with comprehensive support in the preparation of the safety data sheet in accordance with the regulations.

Your Benefits

  • The SDS is prepared by experts and complies with legal requirements
  • Tailor-made safety instructions instead of general phrases
  • Country-specific versions of the MSDS
  • You can concentrate on your core business

Our Approach

The main feature of the safety data sheet content is the classification of the substance or mixture regarding its hazard characteristics. Classification and labeling are based on the requirements and regulations of the CLP regulation, which lays down criteria for hazardous chemical substances and mixtures.
Our range of services for the preparation of safety data sheets and hazardous substance labels covers:
  • Preparation of safety data sheets according to REACH and CLP, as well as regular SDS updates
  • Preparation of the SDS for all relevant jurisdictions worldwide, with translation of content and consideration of national regulations
  • Creation of labels according to CLP labeling requirements
  • Correct labeling of hazardous substances via CLP classification of substances and mixtures based on available physical-chemical, toxic and ecotoxicological data
  • Classifications according to hazardous substance regulations (CLP, ADR, IMDG code, IATA, EWC as well as water protection regulations)
  • Provision of training courses / workshops on all aspects of hazardous substance labeling and safety data sheets according to the latest hazardous substance regulations
  • Preparation of expert opinions on labeling according to CLP and EU regulations on detergents, aerosols, cosmetics, waste, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals as well as on the classification of dangerous goods
  • Notification of products to national authorities
  • Certificates of marketability
  • Support in updating internal documentation for compliance with the occupational safety regulations (e.g. operating instructions, labels, list of hazardous substances)
If physical and chemical properties are not known, they can be determined in our laboratory for environmental and product analysis, so that hazardous substances are correctly labeled in accordance with the CLP regulation.


  • We have comprehensive know-how and many years of experience.
  • We are internationally recognized as a neutral partner and have a worldwide network of experts.
  • We have state-of-the-art laboratories equipped with the latest technology.