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Behavioural coaching for Leaders

Behavioural safety coaching for leadership and workforce

Training alone is not effective in producing long-term, sustainable behavioural and cultural change. The knowledge and skills gained in training must be embedded, which means old habits must be broken and new ones adopted. Our health and safety coaching services ensure this occurs by supporting the process.

Our coaches work to an agreed intervention plan created through consultation with you using diagnostic and assessment tools. The plan is designed to help you reach your safety objectives, and we provide regular reporting to measure progress towards these goals. Our safety coaches are able to adapt to a variety of audiences and effectively address company leadership as well as rank and file workers.

Behavioural Coaching addresses health and safety behaviours at all levels

Our coaching can take many forms, however its purpose is always the same: to increase awareness, understanding, belief, and advocacy around health and safety behaviours. To increase awareness and understanding, bite-size coaching sessions on specific topics can be delivered to the workforce and leadership level. Because consistent, sustained behavioural change is only possible when participants believe in its necessity, we follow up with coaching sessions aimed at generating belief and commitment to change. As your staff becomes more knowledgeable about the reasons behind specific changes, they are increasingly likely to “own” them, and behavioural change becomes a more organic process spurred by self-motivation.

Our coaches conduct group and 1:1 coaching sessions to support the process. At the workforce level, our coaches are on site, where the work is being done, to conduct on-the-job coaching. At a leadership level, coaching is more often 1:1, however group coaching sessions can be held to address a specific topic which all leaders would be benefit from.

Behavioural coaching services – DEKRA

Our coaching programmes are tailored to your needs. In keeping with our high-quality standards, our coaches have been selected through a rigorous recruiting process and are experienced in high hazard industries, as reflected in their credentials and qualifications. While coaching programmes are underway, we provide regular re-assessments and evaluations to ensure change is occurring as planned.

Cultural change takes between 3 and 5 years to establish itself, however changes in the climate begin to be evident within a few months. It is crucial to us that this change is maintained, because changes taking place in the direct aftermath of a training course are often temporary unless there is support to help staff fully integrate the behaviours they have learned. We know that your company’s safety culture will have the opportunity to truly mature once climate transforms into culture.

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