Used Car Management and CPO Programme

Individual consulting to increase used car sales and ROI

Improving used car business can substantially boost revenues, not only through raw sales alone, but by attracting new customers and supporting after sales activities. An effective CPO program and optimal used car management play a vital role here, as do OEMs that increase the volume of dealers’ buyback purchases while adding value to their products.
Declining profit margins in the new car business and the erosion of returns in after-sales mean that ensuring the profitability of your used car management strategy and CPO program is more important than ever.
Our experts can help you take full advantage of regional and national sales potential, establish efficient processes, streamline inventory management and implement professional lead management. We have the experience and know-how to help you improve used car sales figures and revenues in the long term.

Your benefits:

For manufacturers and importers:
  • Increased customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and brand image
  • Helping ensure dealer network profitability
  • New car sales support through trade-ins
For dealers and dealer groups:
  • New customer acquisition
  • Increased used cars sales
  • Improved profitability in both the used car department and the company as a whole

Our approach

We start with comprehensive analyses considering all areas that influence your used car business. This includes internal and external communications, the entire range of processes from acceptance to delivery, the regional market and market exploitation, as well as existing management systems. We also take into account the results of the quantitative and qualitative analysis of all KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and the existing CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) evaluations.
Based on the results of these analyses, we work with you to create a detailed, individualized action plan that enhances your used car management and boosts revenues. We actively engage with your employees to develop the solutions that will bring the greatest benefit for your company’s specific orientation and circumstances. The aim is to go beyond potential solutions to achieve measurable improvements in your used car business. With this goal in mind, our coaches act as trusted advisors, supporting your employees throughout the implementation process.


  • We are a team of coaching experts and consultants certified according to ISO 17024.
  • We have extensive experience supervising successful projects with numerous manufacturer-bound dealer networks and independent used car dealerships.
  • We specialize in carrying out structured, site-specific analyses and actively oversee the implementation phase according to proven change management methods.