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Is Your Company at Risk? Learn How PSM Can Safeguard Your Assets.

Uncover the risks associated with inadequate Process Safety Management to protect your assets.

Process Safety Management

Process Safety Management Program – Protect people, the Environment and Assets

DEKRA's Process Safety Management (PSM) service is your shield against potential disasters. Focused on safeguarding people, the environment, and your assets, our PSM program ensures comprehensive compliance with regulations while optimally enhancing your safety measures. Neglecting PSM can expose your organisation to catastrophic risks, including process incidents that can lead to severe legal and financial consequences.
By choosing DEKRA, you gain access to a global team of experts dedicated to tailoring an integrated Process Safety Management (PSM) program that aligns with your unique requirements, fostering a culture of safety throughout your operations.
Your Path Zero Incidents! Discover Our Proven PSM Strategies.
In the realm of hazardous substances, Process Safety Management (PSM) is paramount. Many companies already employ various PSM models, yet a fragmented approach often hampers their effectiveness, resulting in persisting process incidents. DEKRA's PSM service recognises that PSM program elements are interconnected and require overarching elements for sustainability and efficacy.
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DEKRA's Approach to Process Safety Managemement (PSM)

Our approach to Process Safety Management is unparalleled. We believe in a holistic perspective that encompasses PSM systems, staff proficiency at all levels, and organisational culture. This comprehensive view ensures that PSM becomes an intrinsic part of your company's DNA, rather than just a regulatory obligation. Our process includes:
  • Assessment: We evaluate your current PSM practices and identify gaps.
  • Customisation: We tailor a PSM program specific to your unique needs and industry.
  • Integration: We seamlessly integrate the program into your operations and culture.
  • Training: We empower your staff with the knowledge and skills needed for effective PSM.

Seamless Integration for Safer Operations

Much like puzzle pieces joining to form a complete picture, our approach to Process Safety Management (PSM) seamlessly integrates all the essential elements.

Comprehensive Process Safety Management Support for Systemic and Sustainable Future

Through our global offices, located in twelve offices worldwide, we offer and can tailor the following process safety management services to your needs:
  • Process safety management program development, implementation and improvement
  • PSM auditing and compliance-gap identification (OSHA, Seveso, CCPS risk based process safety)
  • PSM competency development program for employees at all levels
  • Assessment of process safety culture and organizational reliability
  • Process hazard analysis (HAZOP , LOPA , HAZID, what-if, checklist, FMEA, bow tie, fault tree)
  • Quantitative risk assessment (QRA), including consequence modeling
  • Facility siting studies
  • Process safety information compilation, and assessment of adequacy
  • Laboratory testing capabilities , to assess and document reactivity and flammability hazards
  • Prestart-up safety reviews (PSSR)
  • Evaluation of non-routine operations and permitting procedures
  • Evaluation of emergency plans and practices
  • Building code and fire code hazardous materials reviews
  • Develop and review major accident hazard safety case reports
  • Evaluation of SEVESO compliance reports
  • Assessment of technical and organizational hazard-control measures
  • Evaluation of the safety features in process design and control
  • Study of operating and maintenance practices in the plant/field
  • Assistance in the investigation of fire, explosion, reactivity, and PPE-inadequacy incidents
  • Support in litigation, as an expert witness
Our process safety management consultants are process, chemical, and safety engineers with strong industry backgrounds, complemented by in-depth expertise in process safety. Together with our rigorous scientific approach, we highlight interpersonal skills and a collaborative approach to solving problems. To this end, we offer our PSM program, supported by our worldwide offices, in a wide variety of languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic and Hindi.

Why Choose DEKRA

DEKRA stands out as a leader in Process Safety Management for several reasons:
Global Expertise

Benefit from our global process safety expertise.

Custom Solutions

We don't offer one-size-fits-all solutions but design tailored programs.

Culture Integration

We ensure PSM becomes part of your corporate culture.

Compliance Assurance

Rest easy knowing you're always in compliance with PSM regulations.